Looking on Up

It’s 5:30 in the morning and I am wondering why am I wide awake and not asleep. My sleep is usually very sweet. So, I figured that it was time to start looking on Up. Alright God, maybe I am feeling a little anxious about today and its activities. Yet, You told me not to be anxious about anything. So, why am I feeling this way? Lord, please take away this anxiety. Sleep Body, Sleep.

Still awake. So, I might as well tell you about the origins of this anxiety in this body. Today at work, a meeting is going to take place that should not take place. It is interesting when others skip protocol and expect you to protect them at the same time. Life doesn’t work that way. One co-worker decided that she did not like how she was being treated by another individual and without giving management an opportunity to handle the matter, she skipped protocol and went above to discuss the matter directly with my employer. Today is their meeting. I am looking on up and trusting that God has already handled this situation. I’ve prayed, and no lengthy prayer either, since I know in whom I believe. Sometimes it’s just a matter of looking on Up and trusting that He has your back.

People can be incredible in their expectations. Before we make decisions in life, praying for wisdom should be the principal thing. Some people are born with it and others, like me, we have to seek it on a daily basis. Wisdom, I am seeking you right now for my daily dose. I need to know how to handle this situation. After all, you never know someone’s agenda and people lie all of the time. I have to have answers ready–if called upon.

I was telling my husband the other day that he has the gift of gab, he’s really quick on his feet. I wish I had his gift but I have to ponder things before I answer. He told me that this quickness came as a result of his hard life and having to fight for himself growing up. If that’s how he got the gift, I am pretty sure that I don’t want it that way. I’ll stick to looking on Up and praying for wisdom on a daily basis.

When you face situations in life and you don’t know what else to do, try looking on Up to the Master. After all, He knows the beginning from the ending and all of the scripted pages in between. I thank God for knowing Him as my personal friend, deliverer and Savior. I can always count on Him to be there to help me in my anxious moments.

And if I ever doubt His ability to give me solace in trying times, I just take a walk down memory lane and remember all of the times that He gave me His peace in the midst of all of my storms, trials and tribulations. Then, I rest assured in knowing that If He did it for me before, He will do for me again. Lord, I rest assured in knowing that You will make everything work out in my favor. No more anxiety. I am feeling sleepy now. Have a good night or morning everyone. See you soon. Zzzzzzzzz

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In those anxious times, remember to keep on looking Up!

Walking in Hopelessness

There are so many people today walking in hopelessness. They have problems that they feel are insurmountable. Some people don’t have enough money to pay their rent, buy food or other necessities in life. What can we do to reach out to our fellow people and help them to overcome? It is okay to feel sorry for someone who tells you that they are hungry, but it is even better to reach into your pocket and buy them a plate of food. To give to the poor is to lend to God. Recently, one of my friends could not afford to purchase her medication and another friend alerted me. I could have sat back and did nothing but instead I called her and asked her if she was able to purchase her medication. She said no and I immediately offered to help. I could have sat back and said that it was none of my business, but how could you see someone in distress and know that you can help and you just close your eyes and also your heart? That is ungodly.

My heart goes out especially to those who are distraught and feel that all hope is gone. If all hope is gone, then you feel as if there is no reason to go on living. Lies from the pit of hell. Whenever you’re feeling down, do like me, listen to a gospel song, open up the Bible and read or just simply start having a conversation with God. Tell Him that you need help in finding your way out of this hopeless state. He hears you and He will answer you.

I remember years ago, just crying out to God, about my finances and my need to pay my mortgage. It was late. I remember just lying on my hallway floor and just crying and asking God to help me. After my tears had dried up, and I laid on the floor in a childlike state, the Holy Spirit ministered to me and told me exactly where to go to find help. I tell you no lie. The instructions were as clear as day. I obeyed and I received the assistance and found my way out of that hopeless place.

It is important in our walk to know that every day is not going to filled with sunshine but some days will be quite gloomy. When faced with our gloomy days, because we all have them, remember our God specializes in bringing hope to the hopeless. Call on Him, trust me, He is waiting to answer the phone.

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No Earthly Good

Good day friends! Hope and pray that all is well. I recently attended a Christian ladies meeting and one of the questions that was posed was whether we had ever encountered situations where we had to take a stand and obey God rather than man?

At the meeting, I listened to stories about Christians refusing to play the lottery when faced with pressure from their workplace colleagues. I too have refused to play—most of the time. Except for when that lottery stake rises up to that 100 or so million mark, the temptation has been too great. Pray for me–God ain’t through with me yet! I think what if? Do you know what I could do with those millions of dollars to help in building up the body of Christ?!!!? And what about those Christians who put their money in the stock market? Couldn’t that also be seen as gambling? I’m just saying..

Sometimes, we try so hard to appear as if we have always lived in Heaven, we become no earthly good to unbelievers. Christians are oftentimes characterized as perfect individuals, but it is important to destroy that fallacy and let people know that we are imperfect creatures and we make mistakes too. However, the issue is not in making of the mistake but the problem comes when we fail to learn from the mistake and continue down a path that we know that God would not approve of.

To be earthly good is not about encouraging someone to indulge in gambling, but to use that opportunity to witness instead to someone; I used to do that gambling thing but I was delivered. I now know that God will provide all that I need. Just saying that I am a Christian and I don’t do that gambling thing is ineffective. We need to explain why we don’t partake in such activities.

But, I also wonder how many of those same Christians who refuse to play the group lottery would refuse money from someone who won the lottery. Is it okay in that instance to take the money from the winning gambler? Would that Christian say no to the winning gambler’s offer of $50,000 in order to show the lottery winner that God is that Christian’s sole provider? If they refused the money, would the lottery winner see that refusal as a sincere testimony of the Christian’s faith in God. Probably so, but how many would refuse the money? I dare say not many–including me. Please don’t get me wrong–I am not condoning gambling. But, Lord, help me, not sure I could pass that test. Remember, I did say pray for me. I have not arrived in Heaven yet, but I am going to get there one step at a time.

My point is that we have to be real and transparent and not appear to be so holy that no-one can talk to us about their problems and struggles since they believe that we could not relate. Unfortunately at that point, we have become no more earthly good. Let us get real. We have ALL done things that God would frown upon and it’s okay to let someone know that I was once in your situation and I fell or struggled, but this is how I overcame.

I remember the joke about the dog owner who came to the church and asked the Bishop to bury his dog. The bishop was so indignant with the request that he refused and told the man absolutely not, he is not in the business of burying dogs. The man said okay, and as he was walking away, the man told the Bishop that he was about to donate 1 million dollars to the church but things have changed, the Bishop said, “Wait, you didn’t tell me that the dog was a Christian.” My point is that we are all imperfect and we need God’s grace and abundant mercies each and every day. Let us not be afraid to tell our truth, to live our truth and to live triumphantly despite the truth. We all have struggles and it okay to say so. But thanks be to God who continues to give his children the victory!! Let us use our truth to let someone know that I was once in your shoes and I overcame. If God did it for me, He will also do it for you. Christians, let us make sure that we are heavenly bound– but, we still remain earthly good.

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We overcome one step at at time!


Bidding you all a great day today. I want to invite you into my mind. I have been thinking about the topic of fear for a couple of days now. You ask, what is fear? It is defined as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”

We are told not to fear for He is with us, we should not be dismayed since He is our God. The Bible tells us that God promises to strengthen, help and uphold us with his righteous right hand. Yet, we fear. Is it normal to have fear? He says that He did not give us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. Yet, we fear. But when fear arrives, I say it’s time to use love, power and sound mind to send it packing.

Recently, I was able to garner a new car after trading in my old 2002 faithful Betsy. Do we all name our cars Betsy? Sorry, I digress. Anyway, instead of a car, I now have a SUV. Well, it is taking me some time to get used to driving this SUV. When I first got the car and went on the highway, I was probably going about 35 miles per hour because I was fearful. I kept thinking the car was unsteady and I was literally and figuratively scared. Yes, yes I know the Word but I was fearful. I had to keep reciting the Word in order to overcome and to keep driving that SUV.

To tell you the truth, at times, on certain highways, the spirit of fear still comes over me and I have to call on “sound” mind to kick in and to tell it to scatter and be on its way meanwhile praying for power from on high. I remind God of His promises to me and my fear leaves and I get to my destination safely. Praise God.

In these days of the Coronas, it is so easy to get fearful. On certain occasions, I have to take public transportation to get to work and my mind starts to roam and to think about all of the terrible things that can happen to me underground. In those instances, I have to use the Word of God to fight those fearful thoughts and remind that fearful spirit that God will never leave me nor forsake me and no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I listen to faith sermons from my Bishop and I am ready to go. If God can’t protect me, then who can?

Fear is so treacherous that it can cause us to stand still and be immobilized. Fear can stop us from reaching our God given potential and our destiny. What is your fear? What are you doing to conquer it? Some of us are afraid of failure so we remain in the same position for years. It is a trick of the enemy and our mind is his playground. Rise up and conquer that fear by increasing your faith. Speak to that thing and declare your power over it! Move that fear by doing that thing that you are so afraid of and see how easy it gets each time you move it out of your way. The spirit of fear will come, but the real question is what will you do to conquer it? Conquering fear is a choice. Choose to conquer that fear with your faith. Faith without works is dead. Come alive, kick that fear to the curb and let us rise up and shine. Today is that day!

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Hello Sunshine. Today, I am talking about gratitude. It is so easy for us to take the simple things in life for granted—until we can’t do them anymore. We take walking for granted since we have legs. The day our legs are taken from under us, it becomes a different story. At that point, we start to appreciate the value of having two feet and being able to use them. Our beautiful eyes. They say that they are the windows to our soul, but we take our eyes for granted until the day when our sight begins to dim. We then realize the value of having clear vision. The value of seeing the beauty in the world around us.

Why do we take these little, but big things for granted. Who would have ever thought we would yearn for a day where we could dine indoors at a restaurant, the days where we could gather together with friends and family for holidays and for birthday celebrations, we could jump on a plane and go on vacation, oh my, the days where we could just go and relax on one of those spacious and luxurious cruise ships with thousands of fellow passengers. Those days, my friends, are no more, for now.

Our hope is that someday God will shine his light upon us and give us another chance to enjoy the simple things in life— but, with more appreciation for the mundane, the ordinary and for each other. And of course, more appreciation and love for the One who gave it to us so freely. We hope and pray that He will give it back to us—–so freely again.

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We pray that He will shine His light on us again–real soon.

I Cut One of the Cords

Good day everyone! Hope all is going well. I feel so proud of myself. I finally cut one of the cords. I know. I know. You are wondering, what is she talking about this time? Well, that awful cable bill. Every month when I receive that bill, I state the obvious, this bill is too darn high. Why am I spending so much money on cable? The monthly bill is about $172.00 per month for three cable boxes and the phone.

Well, I finally decided to get rid of the landline phone since I never use it. In fact, I don’t even have a phone hooked up to the modem. In fact, I don’t even have a phone TO hook up to the modem. This thing was costing me $10.00 a month. Cable company, please remove. REMOVED.

I then took the plunge and cut the cord to one of my boxes. I purchased an inexpensive indoor antenna and picked up 16 local channels plus I can stream other shows with my Smart TV. This change saved me an additional $10.00 a month. So in essence, I have saved myself a total of $280.00 for the whole year. YES!! Imagine what I can do with an additional $280.00. Whatever I want. I feel liberated. Alright, alright, I still have two more cords to cut but I am not there yet. The day shall come when I will find the courage to go cold turkey. You wait and see. I will let you know that I am living cable free and saving my money!

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Goal: To live cable free and save my money.

God’s grace

Good day folks. Yesterday was a great day in America. As I watched the inauguration of President Biden and Vice-President Harris, I was so encouraged to see that love and unity prevailed over hatred and fear. It was great to see people in power bringing people together instead of inciting division. It was great to hear words of encouragement instead of words filled with harmful rhetoric.

Regardless of your race, creed, religion or sexual orientation, we are all God’s people. You might not share my beliefs, but that’s okay. I am not your judge, God is. I am called to love and treat you as I would want to be loved and treated. Many say President Biden’s call for unity in America is a fantasy and he’s not living in reality, but what is the alternative? To live with guns, fear, division, strife, confusion, envy and the list goes on and on. Isn’t it better to believe in the power of love? Our Father in Heaven did say that the greatest commandment is for us to love one another.

As I watched the inauguration yesterday, tears flowed when I thought about how close we came to losing our democracy and our beloved America. Our country may not be perfect, but it sure looks a lot better than other foreign nations. We must find a way to work together for the common good and not for our own selfish gain. Unfortunately, the Bible predicts that in the last days, men will be lovers of themselves. As much as I don’t want to believe it, we are truly living in the last days.

We are standing today only because of God’s grace. America, America, God shed his grace on thee. He is still pulling for us. It is my prayer and hope that we recognize that we have more things in common than those things that divide us. May God bless America!

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Too many mouths in the soup

Good day everyone. Hope your day is going well. As I sat down and rested, I pondered on the fragility of life. Recently, one of my friends lost her mother and it made me reflect on the loss of my own mom over twelve years ago. I recounted my experience to my friend. I told her that she will never get over the loss of her mother, but she will learn how to move on with her life. I told her to allow herself to grieve and not to feel guilty when the Devil or the accuser starts whispering in her ear about what she should have done for her mother. Given the circumstances, I know that she did her best. If others feel differently, so be it. Tell them to read my poem, ” Leave me at the Altar” and just pray. Too many mouths in the soup. Too many cooks in the kitchen. You get my drift.

I told my friend that I’ve been there and I have learned some valuable lessons about life. Numero uno, you will never be able to please people 100% of the time. People will only remember the times that you say no, and they will never appreciate all of the times that you said yes. But more importantly, your duty is to please God, not people. For when a man’s ways please God, He will make his enemies to be at peace with him. Ah peace, what we wouldn’t pay for that precious virtue. God is your ultimate judge.

People get mad when you don’t take their advice. When I take a look at their lives, it makes me question their ability to manage anything– period. If you can’t manage your own life, why should I follow you? I won’t. I choose to follow Jesus.

Don’t get mad at me when I don’t follow you. Stop bad mouthing me when I opt not to let you control me. Please, I beg you, keep your mouth out of my soup and stay out of my kitchen. Love you, but one mouth in my soup is about all that my stomach can handle.

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What shall we say to these things?

Good morning everyone! Hope that your day is going well. I just felt compelled to say something about the events that occurred at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. After all, it is one of those things on everyone’s mind. So, what shall we say to these things?

Well, it was disheartening to watch and it is even more disheartening for outsiders to know America’s dirty little secret. Outsiders now have concrete proof that racism is alive and well in the United States of America. If the race problem is not dealt with, it will eventually deal with us. Why is it so hard for people to understand that we are all God’s children, whether we are white, black, yellow, blue, green or whatever color you choose to call yourself? God loves us all and although we are not God, why must color define whether you like someone or not? White people don’t own America, black people don’t own America, brown people don’t own America, God does.

We may have differing opinions on certain issues, but when we get to the point of wanting to inflict harm upon a perceived adversary, then we have a real problem. I don’t understand why people opt to believe that the election was stolen. Was it stolen four years ago? Was it stolen eight years ago? What about 12 or 14 years ago? If this election was stolen, where is the evidence? We are a country predicated upon laws and when a law is violated, then we must be held accountable. We don’t get to say something over and over again and then take it as truth without the production of a scintilla of proof. Come on Americans, people will think that you are insane and so blinded by rage and color that you can’t differentiate the forest from the trees and definitely truth from lies.

When a man’s ways please God, the Bible tell us that God will make his enemies to be at peace with him. Our ways as a country is so displeasing to God that what is happening is truly not a surprise. I pray that we can get to the point where we care more about people and not about the color of their skin. We used to say and believe, “In God We Trust,” but our actions show that we no longer trust in God but trust more in our fists, our political affiliations, and in ourselves. We must have those difficult conversations and we must demand change—if we are going to survive as a country. Let us remember our nation and continue to pray for its healing. Prayer truly changes things.

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Let’s start the conversation. What do you say to these things?


Happy New Year! Wishing everyone the best year EVER! Trusting that better days are ahead of us in 2021. Say Amen.

As many of you know, I just published my 3rd book “Just Sister Jackie, My First Collection of Poetic Observances” and I am truly excited about this new journey. I am just sitting here and I decided to give you a taste of poetry today. This one is fresh off the presses. It is aptly entitled “Leave me at the Altar.” Here we go!

Leave me at the altar
Leave me at the altar
Right there with my father
The One who will embrace me since
I am not perfect
The One who accepts my imperfections
With hopes that I will change
I desire to change
Those presumptuous sins
Those things that keep us apart
Those ways that Separate me from You
That thorn in my side
The one that I try to hide
It can be rough and tough
But you say thy grace is enough
Thank you for understanding my plight
I trust that You are right
I will not be outlawed because of my blight
I am already perfected in your sight
Like JJ I say Dyn-O-Mite
Friends and foes, I am not trying to be a martyr
No need to make this any harder
I am not here to barter
Just leave me at the altar 
With my Father. 

Author: Jacqueline Greene, Copyright, 2021
(All rights reserved).

Pray for me and leave me at the altar with my Father.
He is the only One who will make everything alright.

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