Speaking Engagement Today

No-one will ever understand why I don’t like public speaking. But, I really don’t. Yet, I am told that I am pretty good at it. I hate the anxiety and angst that I feel before having to make a public presentation. I am told that many people experience the same symptoms before speaking engagements, andContinue reading “Speaking Engagement Today”

To Go or Not to Go

I don’t envy my daughter in having to decide what to do with my grand-daughter and her schooling this year. She has the choice of sending her to in-person classes, blended classes or to have her participate in remote learning full-time. No question, the children perform better in a structured classroom environment. But who wantsContinue reading “To Go or Not to Go”

I did it! I pressed “Publish and Send”

I just finished my first book entitled “Karma Will Clap Back” and it is available on Amazon and in the Kindle store. Yay for me! Thank you God for the inspiration, strength and words to convey. It took me a couple of years to write this novella, and I am happy that it is finallyContinue reading “I did it! I pressed “Publish and Send””

How Heartbreaking!

My daughter called me up to tell me that my 8-year-old grand-daughter had a play date with her friend yesterday. Apparently, after the play date, the two girls had a spat on the telephone. The little girl told my granddaughter “That is why you don’t have a father.” My grand-daughter replied, “Just because he isContinue reading “How Heartbreaking!”


I have been the sole caretaker of my 79-year-old father for more than one year now. It is interesting how the parental roles have reversed. That old saying is true, once a man and twice a child. This caretaker role has been challenging, but I consider it a privilege to be able to attend toContinue reading “DEMENTIA AND ITS DEMANDS”

Glorious Church Day!

What a Glorious Church Day! I get to go to church today. How awesome is that! You see, during the pandemic, the church doors were closed. Finally, on one glorious day, they partially opened up their doors. However, I had been unable to attend due to my caregiving duties. My father is 79 years oldContinue reading “Glorious Church Day!”

Ladies, don’t do it

Today is my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. Let me give you some advice, never marry on your significant other’s birthday. It is a trap that I did not see. Was it purposefully done, I don’t know. Haven’t figured that part out yet, but learn from me, don’t do it. What was I thinking?Continue reading “Ladies, don’t do it”